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We are proud that Ofsted said in 2013 AND 2016 that 'the atmosphere at College is calm and welcoming and the behaviour and conduct of students are good’ and that ‘the college has a positive and inclusive culture’. We are prouder still that every year well over 90% of our students say that this is a very safe College to study and learn at.

This means that we expect every student to know what is in the Kingston College Student Code of Conduct and to follow it at all times. The Code of Conduct is agreed annually with Kingston College Student Council.

What students can expect from Kingston College

At Kingston College we will:

  1. Value people equally respecting our democratic values of freedom of speech, appreciation of different beliefs, the rule of law and individual liberty. We will be kind, hard‐working, respectful and polite at all times.
  2. Give you clear, accurate and fair information, advice, guidance and support to help you choose a study programme to include clear information about fees and financial support including bursaries.
  3. Promote good learning behaviour and take an evidence‐based approach to the methods of teaching, learning and assessment that enable you to achieve well and make good progress.
  4. Give you a good start to your studies with us through an induction programme and then support you by giving clear targets that help you progress.
  5. Provide learning resources which meet your needs.
  6. Ensure that assessments and progress reviews with you are fair, clear, regular and positive.
  7. Give you regular and punctual feedback on your learning, verbally and in writing on your work and in your ILP/Moodle course site to include progress review reports twice a year for parents of students up to the age of eighteen via parents’ induction and progress review events.
  8. Provide you with access to a range of enrichment and careers advice and university admissions advice services during your study programme.
  9. Listen to your feedback through Student Voice and encourage you to get involved through Student Focus groups, the Student Council and the Students’ Union (KCSU).
  10. Deal promptly, courteously and fairly with any complaints you might raise with us.

What Kingston College expects from our students

We expect you to:

  1. Value people equally, respecting our democratic values of freedom of speech, appreciation of different beliefs, and the rule of law and individual liberty.
  2. Know that sticking at it and maintaining good learning habits are essential to your success which includes your good attendance, punctuality and learning behaviour as set out in the APLB procedures and the willingness to act on the feedback we give you and the targets we set together.
  3. You should be completely familiar with the admissions guidance so that you complete your enrolment on time and pay all fees promptly when due and understand that receiving any grant or bursary is always dependent upon your attendance, attitude, work completion and behaviour. For many students this means compulsory Mathematics and English, which you must complete to the very best of your ability.
  4. Complete all parts of your study programme including work experience and placements.
  5. Use ProPortal to record your progress, achievements and future plans.
  6. Take responsibility for your own learning by ensuring you communicate often with your teaching and tutorial staff, for example, by taking full part in our system of induction and progress review events. Complete all of your work on time and to the very best of your ability each and every time – aim high and set out to always meet and then beat your target grades.
  7. Help make learning successful for yourself and others by being a reflective, cooperative and collaborative learner. This means your regular setting and review of SMART learning targets through ProPortal.
  8. Have and display your Student ID card when on College premises and safeguarding it from use by others and respect the College premises, facilities, equipment and environment.
  9. Keep to the rules as described in this Code of Conduct.
  10. All of the previous expectations can be summarised as being kind, hard‐working, respectful and polite at all times.

What Kingston College WILL NOT ACCEPT from our students

We will not tolerate the following whenever and wherever it occurs:

  1. Antisocial, aggressive and /or loud behaviour at any time including when travelling to and from College, in Kingston and on any of our sites that either disrupts the learning of others or could give the College a bad reputation. This includes the use of social media through posting either text, including sexting, or images, including video of such behaviour.
  2. Violent, dangerous, threatening, bullying and intimidating conduct. This includes, for example the carrying/storing offensive weaponry, including fireworks, any conduct involving acts of indecency and vandalism.
  3. Verbal abuse that is either bullying or harassment including inappropriate and/or unwelcome comments, requests and messages on grounds of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sex, pregnancy, marital status, disability/learning difficulty or socio economic status of another student, member of staff, visitor to the College or a member of the public. This includes use of social media through posting either text or images, including video.
  4. Committing an offence which could give the College a bad reputation wherever and whenever the offence occurs and/or failure to disclose a criminal conviction or caution – unless it is spent.
  5. Theft or unauthorised possession (with intent to steal) of any property belonging (intent to steal) to another student, the College, any employee of the College or third parties connected to the College. Included in this is the non‐payment of fees.
  6. Gambling of any kind.
  7. Compliance with the general and specific Health & Safety Regulations which include failure to wear/show ID, permitting the unauthorised use of a College ID card by another, misusing fire equipment, smoking which includes “vaping”, except in designated areas and the more detailed Health & Safety Regulations in specialist areas such as engineering, for example.
  8. Intoxication as a result of alcohol or illegal drugs (including prescription drugs used in an unauthorised manner) and the dealing in, illegal drugs and those prescription drugs used in an unauthorised manner.
  9. Academic misconduct covered under our attendance, punctuality and learning behaviour procedures (APLB) this includes the repeated failure to comply with our reasonable rules regarding wearing/showing ID, wearing of hats, use of mobile devices during lessons and workshops where their use are expressly forbidden, antisocial behaviour and abiding by rules on off‐site activities as well as, for example, exam or assignment misconduct to include plagiarism and cheating during any exam or assignment.
  10. We reserve the right to include any other issues not defined in this list as gross misconduct should that occasion arise.

Policies and Proceedures

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