College's Rooftop Peregrine Falcons' chicks are weighed and ringed

PP chick being ringed PP chick being ringed

The peregrine falcon chicks have now been weighed and ringed. The numbers shown are those on the orange rings which indicate the region where the birds were ringed.

PK 810g
PL 885g
PP 830g
PS 650g
PT 590g


You can view the footage of the ringing which took place on Wednesday 24 May PT was the 5th chick and has less plumage development than the others. From these weights we believe we have three females and two males.


The eggs hatched at the following times:

1st egg hatched 01-05-17 @ 07-10

2nd egg hatched 01-05-17 @ 16-23

3rd egg hatched 01-05-17 @ 18-35

4th egg hatched 02-05-17 @ 07-54

5th egg hatched 04-05-17@ some time between 14.00 to 14.45


The first egg for 2017 was laid at 14.41 on 20 March. The second on 23 March at 03.17 and a third on 25 March at 12.53. And a fourth at 02.43 on 28 March. A fifth at 17.24 on 30 March!


Our famous Peregrine Falcons have been nesting in the vicinity of the College since at least 2012, and in 2014 they successfully raised a brood of five youngsters. Usually Peregrines have three or four young, so five is rather special. The Tiercel, or male Peregrine can be seen on the roof for most of the year. The Falcon (female) returns each year to breed. In 2016 she returned in October.


Watch LIVE FEED of the incredible footage on YouTube.


The eggs are usually laid in late March/early April and take between 30 and 33 days to incubate and the young fledge after about another 44 days. They are still dependant on the adults at this stage as they are taught how to hunt. The female is much larger than the male and the birds have a wingspan of about 120cm.


Tony Duckett (part of the LPP) is a regular visitor to the protected nest site.



Camera 1

Camera 2

Camera 3

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