Guidance Notes for International Agents

We receive many enquiries from prospective agents wishing to represent International students and, in order for us to establish which representatives will be suitable to work on our behalf, we ask prospective agents to begin by:


Researching Kingston College

Choose an appropriate course from:

Taking the above information into account, we would expect the potential agent to start preparing their students’ documents in time to send in their applications to ensure that all the correct information is provided to Kingston College and to allow time for the student to apply for the student visa. We suggest we should receive the completed application form and supporting documents at least two months before the start date of the course.


Researching your students

All applications must be made online using the link available on the course page on the website.

When you or the student completes the application make sure that you put your agency details clearly in the contact section on the form. You must provide Kingston College with the documents that support the student’s application.  After researching the Entry Requirements for the course the student is applying for, the agent must scan and email a copy of the supporting documents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Supporting Documents

The guidelines below should be followed in order for the student to be accepted on their chosen course of study:

  • Complete application with all sections filled in. Please ensure that you state when the student will be starting (Full Time English courses have start dates throughout the year)
  • Attach copies of their educational certificates (e.g. High School Certificate)  The agent must check that the student has the correct level of academic achievement for the course  they are applying for.
  • Attach a character reference (from a school teacher, employer or reputable institution)
  • Attach an English Language Certificate stating which level was attained.(e.g. IELTS)  The agent needs to check that the student has the correct level of English
  • A copy of the student’s current passport
  • If your student is applying for an Arts/Music course they need to provide a portfolio of work, consisting of a minimum of five pieces of work to be preferably sent in using electronic media.



Next steps...

When we have received all this information, we will present the complete application to the tutor for assessment. The tutor will approve the application or advise otherwise. When the course tutor has accepted the student’s application, we will send an offer letter via email to you and ask that you confirm all the details are correct. The letter asks for a deposit payment.


Once we have received the deposit for the full time course we will send a CAS number along with a CAS Statement (if the student is applying for Tier 4 Visa)  to support the student’s visa application in their own country.  We will email this to the agent for final checking prior to posting.  

Students taking full time English Language courses will be supported with a Student Visitor Visa (SVV). Please be advised of the guidelines for CAS numbers and for other information supporting the student’s application for a visa which may be found on the UK government website.



Throughout the application process we expect our agents to keep us informed on the progress of the student’s visa application. We would also expect them to support the student until they arrive at Kingston College with, for example, travel arrangements, accommodation and general welfare issues.

We expect our agents to provide suitable applications. As a United Kingdom Immigration Service (UKVI) Tier 4 Sponsor Licensee we are only able to accept students who are suitably qualified for the courses we offer.  Students should not be over qualified, nor under qualified.  We expect agents to have comparative systems at their disposal to check the suitability and equivalency of qualifications. We have found in the past that agents who sincerely wish to recruit international students on behalf of Kingston College will take the time and make the effort to ensure the whole student experience is a positive one.



To apply to become an agent representing International students at Kingston College, and for details of commission rates and any other information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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