Students empowered through the art of Story Telling

Students empowered through the art of Story Telling 09 December, 2013

Eli Anderson, an inspirational and motivational story teller, poet and life coach, visited Kingston College this week to celebrate the end of a pilot project with students and staff from the Sport and Music Departments. Eli works with young people to help them reach their learning and life goals; using the art of Story Telling he helps them develop a sense of identity and purpose.

Over a set of four sessions, working in their Tutor groups, students reflected on their culture, their past, listened to each other’s experiences and supported each other to build confidence and focus on their personal futures.

During the session with Eli, some of the students presented their own personal stories commenting: “It’s the first time I’d had a chance to look at myself and know what I was doing, I now have a direction.”

Dee O’Dell-Athill, the College’s Head of Section-Health, Wellbeing & Engagement, who organised the event commented: “I’m so pleased this pilot project was taken up by the College, giving our young people the space and skills to explore story telling gives them many of the soft skills that are so crucial in the working world and for their personal confidence going forward into adulthood. I am so proud of all of them and was genuinely moved by both of the students who shared their stories.”

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