Study Programme

If you are between 16 and 18 years old, you will join a Study Programme at Kingston College. The aim of your Study Programme is to prepare you as an individual for the next step in either education or in your future career. We place great emphasis on both.

Your main qualification

Most of your study programme will include the main qualification, for example: Vocational Diploma at Level 1, 2 or 3 but please note that a Study Programme is tailored to suit your needs and therefore could also include English and Maths as well as the other aspects detailed below.

English and Mathematics

To prepare you for your further/higher education and your working life, it is critical that you develop your English and Maths to at least a grade C/4 GCSE.  This now forms a mandatory part of the Study Programme.

If you haven’t already achieved a C/4 grade in English and Maths you will study these as part of your Study Programme.  All 16-18 year old students on any programme who have:

  • Grade D/3 in English and/or  Maths will do study GCSEs although study may be over 1 or 2 years depending on the combination of the other elements of the Study Programme
  • Grade E/2 or below, you will be enrolled on Functional Skill Level 1
  • All others will be assessed at entry using any international qualifications you may have or our own testing.

Employability Skills

Developing your employability skills with us is key to helping you achieve your university and your career dreams. At Carshalton College we have a range of employability skills events and activities which run throughout  the academic year including careers fairs, employer presentations, work experience, work simulation, CV writing workshops and Interview techniques. These will all complement the employability skills that you will develop within your chosen course.  


As part of your Study Programme we will give you the opportunity to get involved in a whole range of events. 


We pride ourselves on the level of support we give to students on all our courses. Structured support comes from the Tutorial system; we also have tremendous, accessible cross college support services.  We want you to achieve two main things with us at Kingston College - firstly, the most progress you can possibly make on your qualification; secondly, we want you to develop and grow as a person and make a positive impact in the community.

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