Transfer of study into, or out of, South Thames Colleges Group

There are occasions when students will wish to transfer their study to another HE provider, for example as a result of a move of home necessitating a student to transfer to a different HE provider to study a similar course, or a student wishing to change direction of study and transfer to a different course within the College Group.


For those interested in transferring their study into a college within the South Thames Colleges Group please refer to appendix A (Page 14) of the Undergraduate Admissions Policy which explains the process of acknowledging achievement (credit) on one course, and transferring it to a different course, where it is relevant. For further information and guidance about this process please email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



For those studying with a college in the South Thames Colleges Group and considering transferring their study out to another HE provider please ask for guidance from your personal tutor who will be able to explain the process for transferring relevant achievement (credit) on your current course to another.” 

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