Make it in Music

The Creative Industries is a growing, vibrant sector. There is a wide range of jobs available for people who have trained and/or studied Music or Music Technology. Working Futures 2010-2020 predicts a growth in employment opportunities for musicians over the next six years.


Bar Graph

Employment Prediction*

change 2014-2020   +4,723 (12.33%)


*Working futures 2010-2020 Musicians can earn an average weekly wage of £510 - £640 Producers can earn an average weekly wage of £740 - £830

[Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) 2012]

 Jobs in this area range from musician, composer, sound designer for film and TV, studio engineer, producer, music supervisor (synchronization), live sound technician, and music therapist; to events manager, artist manager, booking agent, tour manager, promoter, business entrepreneur, private tutor, and teacher.

Here are some skills you will be able to develop:

  • You will have advanced critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • If you study Music or Music Tech at Level 3 you can gain UCAS points that will gain you entry to a wide range of University places and / or top Creative Industries training centres
  • If you study HNC/HND Music you will gain a recognised qualificaiton that will launch you into industry or into the second or third year of a degree programme
  • You will have highly developed musical skills and abilities
  • You will have strong practical and technological understanding of how live sound and studio equipment works
  • You will be a highly motivated independent learner
  • You will have advanced creative computer skills
  • You will be a flexible, resourceful, creative individual with highly tuned interpersonal skills You will have a strong work ethic
  • You will be an entrepreneur with strong business knowledge and skill
  • You will be trained in a profession that can gain you employment around the world
  • You will understand deadlines and respect them  
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