How Should you Prepare for Open Day?

Attending Open Days is one of the best ways to make a well-informed decision about your future. It is the first step towards planning your further education and can be exciting, yet daunting, follow our top tips to be well prepared for Open Days.

1. Begin looking early

You may feel like you have just gone back to school and your plans for next year are ages away, however, starting the process as soon as you can will ensure you make the best decision and know all the options available.

2. Book your place in advance

Make sure you book onto the Open Day before you attend. Click here to book on the next Kingston College Open Day.

3. Go with somebody

It is useful to have someone attend with you – a parent or guardian, there will be a lot of information to take in and you can discuss your visit with them when deciding if the college is right for you.

4. Plan your journey

Plan your journey in advance so you arrive on time, Kingston College is easy to access by train and bus so plan your journey on citymapper it will also benefit you to test out your commute to college.

5. Know what course(s) you are interested in before attending

Take a look at the course options on the website beforehand to check out what you are interested in, this will help you with who to talk to on the day.

6. Write down questions you might want to ask

See our tips on questions to ask at Open Day.

7. Take notes

Make sure you take some notes when you are there, take photos too – this will help you reflect when attending other Open Events and choosing the best option for you.

8. Talk to students

There will be students there to show you around, it will be useful to ask them about their experience at the college too, the chance to talk with students is one of the best ways to learn about the strength of the teaching and whether they are enjoying it.

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