Post 16 Options: Tips on helping your child make the right decision

The law requires all young people to continue in education or training until the age of 18. Post 16 education has a variety of options including staying at school, going to college or embarking on an Apprenticeship. Young people can choose to combine work and study with an Apprenticeship or they can continue to focus on studying full time depending on their interests and which career path they want to follow.

Read our top tips on helping your child make the right decision:

  1. Talk to them about their interests and help them research potential career options based on their interests. They may come across a career path they aren’t aware of. The National Careers Service is great for exploring career options and searching for appropriate courses.
  2. Make sure you are both aware of the different options available and ask your child their thoughts on the choices - sixth forms, colleges, Apprenticeships.
  3. Attend Open Events - research and attend Open Days and Evenings. See our top tips on how to prepare for Open Events. Attend as many as you can so you have a variety of options when it comes to making choices.
  4. Check entry requirements - make sure you are aware of entry requirements for courses e.g. further education college courses are likely to have more flexible entry requirements than a selective sixth form. Plan realistically and be aware of your child’s predicted grades.
  5. Apply early – sixth forms and college application deadlines differ, keep track of when the deadlines are and make sure your child has plenty of time to apply.


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